Summer’s Here: Get Glowing with W3LL People


I recently tried some new (to me) products by W3LL PEOPLE, and was really, really pleased. My first impression of the products was great, but what clinched the deal was when my husband mentioned how “glowy” I looked. At first, I figured it was a coincidence, but when I used the same combination of products a few days later, he mentioned the glow factor again.


Here’s what I am wearing in the above photo, all by W3LL PEOPLE. (Adore this company… they are all about natural ingredients + advanced performance + social responsibility. Doesn’t get much better.)


Narcissist Stick Foundation in Shade #2 – I’m a sucker for anything in a stick, and this foundation is fantastic. The #2 shade is a perfect match for my skin, and it just melts right into the skin, blending beautifully while leaving a really nice luminous finish.

Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer in Light – Great for covering undereye circles, as well as an eye primer on the lids before applying eye shadow. No creasing!

Bio Brightener Stick – Just wrote about this highlighter a few weeks ago in my Green Beauty Highlighter Showdown – this one won the top spot for me.

Bio Bronzer Stick – Perfect bronze – not too orange, not too red. I would imagine it would look great on almost all skin tones. Love to put a bit just below my cheekbones. (I also put a bit of the Vapour Aura Multi-Use Blush in Spark on the apples of my cheeks for a pop of peachy color.)

Nudist Colorbalm in Shade #3 – This sheer cherry shade is always in my bag. It’s my no-brainer lip color.

Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara in Black – This is a top mascara in the green beauty realm for me – consistency is great, length and volume are great, however, slight downfall in that it smudges a bit underneath my eyes.


A bit of smudging won’t keep me from their new mascara colors, though. Brown, Purple, and Blue are the new additions, and they are super fun. Check out the blue!


(Taken before the mascara dried fully. When it does, the color is not as intense, and I felt, more wearable for the day.)

I’m really taken with these W3LL PEOPLE products, and if you’re interested in one or a few, Pharmaca has some great discounts right now. Save 15% when you sign up for the newsletter or save 10% with the code TENOFF, and, as always, free shipping on orders of $35 or more. They have a great selection of green beauty brands. Happy Summer!

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