Odds and Ends


1. How to be less controlling. I might have read this twice.

2. Seeing ourselves in Donald Trump. A great, thought-provoking read.

3. On creativity. “A friend told me once that creativity is like breathing. When you make stuff, you are exhaling. But you can’t exhale forever. Eventually, you have to breathe in.”

4. The families that can’t afford summer.

5. A great summer reading guide. Some good classics in there.

6. I recently became a brand ambassador for Beauty Heroes, which is a mission I’m 100% behind. They did a quick Q&A with me here, if you are interested!

7. I’m always intrigued by creatives’ secrets to longevity. These guys have some great thoughts on the matter.

8. The perfect swimsuit coverup, and it’s only 40 dollars! Love the coral shade.

9. An allergy that affects many. Please familiarize yourself.

10. I’m educating myself on the recent news of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. This is a good article on the matter.

11. I put together a video on our stay at Secrets Akumal earlier this month – it’s essentially comprised of my Snapchat videos, so the quality isn’t fabulous, but it’s a good look at the property if you are interested!

Happy Friday to you all! I hope you are enjoying your summer so far.

image credit: Richard Diebenkorn 

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