Odds and Ends


1. This is a fantastic article on how positivity/negativity can benefit/wreck a marriage.

2. I just knew Luvvie would take on the George Dubya news of this week. Hilarious.

3. One of the best posts I’ve read regarding racism in quite some time.

4. Speaking of racism, if you are looking at ways to help further your education regarding racism in this country, here are some great resources.

5. Um, early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale just started. My favorite bra is on sale. Adore these jeans. The color of this handbag is beyond. These yoga leggings too.

6. Trump, His Virus, and the Dark Age of Unreason.

7. Well, THIS is spot on.

8. I can’t wait to start this book!

9. Awkward family travel photos. Good Lord, these are good.

10. Okay, Nintendo’s new console is hella adorable. #oldschool

11. Sometimes, you gotta know when to fold ’em.

Happy Friday, everyone! We are heading to California next week to hang with friends at our old haunts. Can’t wait!

image credit: josh welch


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