Home Tour: Our Living Room

This post is in partnership with Havenly.

Over the past year, we have been working hard at finishing the rennovation of our house. We havd completed almost all of the rooms, but the living room – the main room and the room you see when you walk into the house – remained incomplete. I had a sofa and a rug in there from my office, but I needed additional seating and a coffee table, and I just couldn’t seem to make my mind up on how to finish the room. I had some art I wanted to use, and a vintage credenza. But the chairs and other pieces I found were either too expensive, or didn’t feel quite right, and I was a little lost as to how to pull it all together.

Enter Havenly. They are an online interior design service, featuring great designers who can help you complete your space for as little as $149.

The process is really simple. First, you peruse the portfolios of their designers to find one who matches your style. I looked through a number of profiles, and I went with Sara J. because I really liked her modern aesthetic. Then, I uploaded photos of the room, photos of designs I like, and details on the existing furniture.


After a couple days, I got back some design concepts from Sarah. She let me weigh in and give my feedback, although, to be honest, I had little to say. I loved everything she put together! She totally nailed what I was looking for.

havenly concept2havenly concept



After approving her design concepts, Sarah sent over some more detailed design plans, including full-color mockups of what the room would look like and how to lay it out. This proved really helpful to conceptualize the design and how to use the space.

havenly room design 2havenly room design 1

The next step with Havenly is to shop your design. They make it so easy. You can buy everything directly from their website, from stores like West Elm, Bo Concepts, and Modway. I placed everything in my cart, and with one purchase, I had the room dialed in. Sarah helped me stay within budget and the prices were affordable.

Everything was delivered within a week, and from start to finish, my living room was redesigned within a month. It was so easy, and I absolutely love the results.








I just sent Sarah these photos, thanking her for her help in designing this room. I can’t wait to use her again!

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Original Source of this article: Ruth Davis’ OC Blog , https://ruthrdavisblog.wordpress.com

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