Odds and Ends


1. Many of you, like me, remember what life was like without the Internet.

2. Speaking of life without the Internet, we’re currently in the midst of a month-long screen-free zone for my kids (including television), and this is pretty much the reason.

3. Incredibly powerful message.

4. Hmph. Makes me want to give Snapchat the boot.

5. More on the Snapchat debacle. Looks like Zuckerberg dodged quite a bullet.

6. Making this deliciousness ASAP.

7. “This is not a cosmetics or personal care industry issue; this is a women’s health issue.” PREACH, Gregg Renfrew.

8. “At 47, I’m finding my trouser pockets are filled with fewer and fewer fucks.” Love Stacy London’s style philosophy. Love Stacy London period.

9. A guy documents his first week of work at Target. I’ve never laughed so hard.

10. I don’t know, this just made me chuckle.

11. I am really loving this whole “grandma’s attic” trend right now. Patterns galore.

12. Don’t forget to enter my Green Beauty Fall Favorites giveaway. Such great products to choose from, and it ends next week!

Happy Thursday! I’m in Laguna Beach for an extended weekend, and am not sad about it.

image credit: raffi lavie

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