This #GivingTuesday consider a donation to maternal health in Haiti

Our never-ending adoption process from Haiti had one benefit, and that is the fact that we developed some amazing relationships with people who are serving there. Haiti is a very difficult place to try to effect change, because the issues there are so overwhelming. However, in the midst of that, we have friends who have seen a need, and are working hard to meet a need in that corner of the world. That need is maternal health. 
Maternal health isn’t something I gave much thought to previously. Like many middle-class moms in the U.S., my biggest concern in birthing children was making sure they were healthy, but I wasn’t worried about having a competent doctor or safe hospital experience. Those were a given. 
As I learned more about what my friends were doing in Haiti, I learned that the dangers of giving birth in Haiti are great. Haitians suffer the highest maternal mortality ratio in the Western Hemisphere, by far. Millions of Haitian women either cannot access health care, or cannot afford it. Those who can’t afford it are often left to go it alone. Even those who can afford it are often treated in conditions that are unimaginable here in the US. Women are left to labor alone, often in dirty rooms with no one attending until the baby is actually crowning.

My friends who run Heartline Haiti offer a very different experience for the Haitian women in their program. Each week the Heartline prenatal program sees twenty pregnant women. Most of them have never received pre-natal care. When it comes time to deliver their babies the women can come to the birthing center to have their baby. 

Heartline offers women in Haiti a safe, clean, peaceful and loving place to experience labor and delivery with trained midwives to assist the ladies throughout their labor and delivery. This should be a given to all women, regardless of where they live, but unfortunately it’s not the case. 

In addition to a safe birthing experience, Heartline offers holistic care to try to prevent orphans, by empowering mothers with the help and skills they need to parent their own children. Their education center provides literacy and job skills that enable them to start businesses, earn an income, pursue their dreams, and provide for their families.

A few years ago we made the decision to give to Heartline every month.  Haiti continues to need help rebuilding after so many natural disasters.  These are some of the people we trust will do that.  The mainstays of their ministry – a sewing school and a birthing center – will continue to help make a brighter future for the next generation in Haiti.  If you are looking for a place to give, I highly recommend Heartline.  They have been in Haiti for a long time, and your money will go to helping people directly on the ground. 

If you are a Heartline fan, or just like what they are doing, consider sharing this on facebook or twitter, too.  Haiti is not at the forefront of our news anymore, but the people still need our help.  Let’s keeping talking.

To learn more, or to donate, visit Heartline Haiti online.

Source Link: This #GivingTuesday consider a donation to maternal health in Haiti

Original Source of this article: Ruth Davis’ OC Blog ,


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