Odds and Ends


1. I love love love this video so much.

2. Did you guys see the whole coyote prank thing this week? Pretty damn funny.

3. 13 things mentally strong people do not do. I need to work on #13. A lot.

4. OMG! This song perfectly sums up 2006. Laughed so hard.

5. “Life is not a series of problems to be solved, it’s a journey that you should be fascinated by.” Letting go is hard, y’all.

6. Credo Beauty is one of my favorite green beauty retailers and they are having their friends and family event right now. 20% off all orders over $75 with code CredoLovesFriends. I love their perfume and candle selection, and they pretty much carry every skincare brand that I use.

7. Dance like no one is watching. Get it!

8. This right here is my 5-minute makeup look for the winter months.

9. Well, now that you are mandated to bury aborted fetuses in Texas, here are some ideas for funerals. (I can’t BELIEVE this is now a law.)

10. Looking for a gift box or stocking stuffer this holiday? Check out this one and this one. Sustainable, eco-friendly, and handmade! I’d do a cartwheel if I received one of these.

11. Haha, the 2016 Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma catalog is just on time. The Poop Bucket Peppermint Bark had me smirking.

12. Love this post on how to get more involved in your community.

13. “The purpose of education is to become yourself so you can make meaningful and innovative contributions to society.” Great read.

14. Love. Five theories on the greatest emotion of all.

Happy Friday to you.

image credit: crate and barrel

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