Odds and Ends


1. Almost every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons. LOVE THIS.

2. Your name might influence the of shape your face? Interesting.

3. Speaking of face, I’ve been using this on my occasional “spots” and I love it…enter to win a free one for yourself!

4. Did you see this new statue on Wall Street? Good stuff.

5. The OG “Nasty Woman” got bangs. I like.

6. Newsflash: laziness isn’t why people are poor. And new iPhones aren’t why they lack healthcare.

7. What happens when bookstore employees get bored. Ha!

8. Don’t tell me you haven’t experienced this with a new highlighter.

9. Love the Avett Brothers. Can’t wait to see this documentary.

10. To raise brave girls, encourage adventure. Yes.

11. 12 things about being a woman that women won’t tell you. So flipping brilliant.

Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy your weekend. We’ll be packing and getting ready for our family trip to London and Paris next week! Any recommendations for either city would be greatly appreciated.

image credit: for all womankind

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