Odds and Ends


1. Use Gmail and/or Chrome? These tricks are game-changers.

2. Haha, love these comics illustrating the daily struggles of women.

3. Shel Silverstein quotes mean so much more as an adult, right?

4. OMG. You must read this and then tell me there’s no sexism in the workplace.

5. Gorgeous wildflowers. Purdy.

6. Photographer tracks down subjects of his photos 40 years later. So cool.

7. Hip hop + ballet. Amazing.

8. Really important read on protecting your child from sexual abuse.

9. Why a CEO shouldn’t run the country. Pretty much.

10. This song has been proven to reduce anxiety.

11. This box of cookies meant for Texas ended up in Guam. So funny.

12. Here are the ages you peak at everything in your life. Um, looks like those of us in our early forties are in for a lull.

13. This is simultaneously the WEIRDEST and oddly satisfying video ever.

14. The strongest girls are the ones with anxiety. Love this.

15. Hahaaa. Best post about dinnertime with kids ever.

16. A guy’s wife was fired from Cracker Barrel and the internet went crazy. Absolutely hilarious.

Happy weekend to you! It’s Friday! And Spring! What is there to be down about? (Wait. Don’t answer that.)

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Original Source of this article: Ruth Davis’ OC Blog , https://ruthrdavisblog.wordpress.com


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