Odds and Ends


Goodness, I’ve slacked on the Odds and Ends the past few weeks, so I bumped up this week’s queue for ya.

1. This artist with synesthesia paints songs. Very cool.

2. Sadly, the founder of the semicolon tattoo project died at 31, but her memory lives on.

3. OMG. Please stop forcing your favorite TV show on me.

4. Who knew bacteria could be so beautiful?

5. Late-night comedians have figured out the trick to covering Trump.

6. Can’t stop listening to this album. Seriously on repeat ALL DAY.

7. Marriage tweets that only those of us with several years under our belt will understand.

8. This made me cry. Screens, man.

9. You guys, pool season is almost here. I need this pronto.

10. Speaking of summer time activities, these beach/pool blankets are the best.

11. 17 books read in 24 hours or less. Have you read any of them?

12. When pixels collide.

13. This woman is my hero. Calm, cool, and collected.

14. Girls and their frenemies. Not looking forward to this with my daughter.

15. “Here’s the thing. If you buy into a false narrative that the body is controllable, that illness can always be prevented, then by proxy you are left with a disturbing, damaging, erroneous conclusion: the belief that a person’s disability is their fault.” This is such a fantastic read.

16. Been feeling the urge to grow the bangs just a bit. Thinking of some curtain bang action this summer.

17. “Or are they relying blindly on apps or potentially alternative facts that they’ve mined from a quick Google search and are evaluating without proper context?” Good article about green beauty…but it goes both ways. Not really feeling the fear mongering going on in regards to non-toxic beauty lately. Make informed decisions for YOU.

18. You guys, letter spacing is REALLY important. Ha!

19. Um, Hemingway didn’t say that. Nor Kafka. #quotecredibilty

20. To stay married, embrace change.

Happy Friday to you all! We are heading to Austin for the weekend where I will eat all the tacos.

image credit: maddy nye

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