Odds and Ends

1. These are the most calming images. Could watch all day.

2. I have full-blown misophonia when it comes to eating. You?

3. Really appreciated this read. “A misanthrope, in love with the world.”

4. The kid can DANCE. Watched it about 20 times.

5. Ohhhhhh, yes. Delia Ephron, you brought me to tears.

6. Absolutely love Short Order Poems. The “Make It Rain” poems are such a treat to find!

7. Oh my goodness, please give this beautiful arrangement a listen.

8. Compiling my all-time skin favorites for a post, I realized I’ve used this religiously every morning for years.

9. We are all following some of these Instagram accounts that need to disappear from our feed. Ha.

10. You guys, periods suck. These are so true. (Related: Have you had an ablation? Very seriously considering one.)

11. Been using these cruelty-free makeup brushes lately, and they are giving me an incredible deal for you all! Enter the code “whoorl” and you’ll get the entire set for $24 + shipping. Yes, you heard me…it’s a hell of a deal.

12. The Psychology of Narcissism. Super informative video.

13. Had a dream I was dating Anthony Bourdain last night. It wasn’t in Tokyo, though.

14. Finding the spiritual symbiosis in our most challenging relationships.

Happy Friday to you all!

image credit: kensie kate

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