Odds and Ends

1. Feminism from Paulina Porizkova’s perspective. Interesting read.

2. The three books on my nightstand right now. This, this, and this.

3. Nude tassel shoe perfection. (And the red ones are 50% off!)

4. Internet trolls will eat their own words, literally.

5. Let’s talk about aging well in terms of emotional wellness. So many good tips in this one.

6. You guys, I’ve read this one too many times to ignore. (I’ve never been a huge dry shampoo fan anyway. Too obvious in my super dark hair.)

7. Cell phones. Keep ’em away from your face, please.

8. My gif for everything right now.

9. Damn, I miss The Office.

10. The hidden gems you haven’t seen on Netflix.

11. Real-life merit badges. I deserve all of these.

12. Well, this made me melt.

Happy Friday and Father’s Day weekend to you all!

image credit: jen garrido

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