Odds and Ends

1. Couple requests to have a stranger photoshopped out of their engagement photo. Hilarity ensues.

2. Yep. Don’t drink the cold brew past 4 pm.

3. Women speak frankly about sexual harassment in the tech workplace.

4. The White House wants the Dandelion crayon GONE. Ha.

5. My fellow Game Of Thrones fans – 7 storylines you need to remember before Season 7.

6. OMG. Those of you with kiddos who have issues tying their shoes? SHEER GENIUS.

7. Spend $160 at Mun Skincare and get a free $75 Ayour Body Serum for free. (Use code whoorl for 15% off!)

8. How to grill vegetables. Mark Bittman is the master.

9. Women in their 40s and 50s – the new ageless generation. Hell yeah!

10. Tips from a therapist if (haha, “IF”) Trump is driving you insane.

11. How the Left lost its mind. Hyperpartisanship is definitely a thing, folks.

12. Oklahoma’s Teacher of the Year moves to Texas because he can’t make ends meet. SO SAD, OKLAHOMA. #getyourshittogether

13. WHAT. Food puns intermingled with states? #ilovepuns

14. This right here is the hat of the summer.

15. Make your dreams a reality. I loved this article.

16. New mamas, please quit eating your placentas.

17. I banned screen time last summer for a month, but now I’m considering doing it for two.

18. I’ve played this song at least 1,000 times this summer. Our love was real/Our love was real/It’s to hope/It’s to dream/It’s to heal

19. Gut-wrenching, beautiful writing. Wow.

20. Beastie Boys meets Sesame Street. Sabotage!

21. Before the Internet. Yep, pretty much.

Happy weekend to you all!

image credit: bonnie tsang

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