Odds and Ends

1. Um, I have totally succumbed to the menocore fashion trend.

2. Hey, you over there. You’re making your life WAY harder than it needs to be.

3. 10 food hacks you need to know. The butter thing! Genius.

4. After receiving LED light therapy during a facial this week, I’ve become obsessed. Has anyone tried this device at home?

5. 30 ways to use a blank notebook. Love these ideas.

6. Apparently, these non-fiction books will make you smarter.

7. You’re not lazy…you are paralyzed by your perfectionism. I SO RELATE.

8. Looking at sexism from both sides of the coin…from the eyes of transgender men. So interesting.

9. The guy who created all those stupid password rules is now apologizing.

10. The ultimate organic protein drink for people in a hurry (or who are lazy, ahem). Been enjoying these.

11. Yoga, self-care, and alternative forms of medicine cannot always fix everything. Important read.

12. Ever wonder why old books smell the way they do? Here you go.

image credit: bianca cash

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