Odds and Ends

1. I posted this to my FB page a week ago, but it’s good enough for Odds and Ends, methinks. (He still is cute, right?)

2. THIS. I need to get to know this 3rd grader. I’m a knowledgeable rich pie too. #fistbump

3. Dude. I knew this was the truth. Do not enjoy sleeping in unfamiliar places.

4. Best soccer mom text thread EVER. The trolling was perfection.

5. Sometimes the food hacks go a little too far, and the Food Network got roasted for it.

6. This is so awesome. Forget the Kardashians…these librarians killed it.

7. This relaxing tea better fucking work is all I’m sayin’.

8. Okay. Who has tried these magnetic eyelash things?? I’m not buying it.

9. I can’t believe I’m going to talk about the holidays, but yeah, it’s almost time. Perfect clean, little trio for gloss lovers.

10. Best rain/mushy weather boot alert. (I’ve grown tired of wearing my Wellies and these fit the bill!)

11. This guy wins my undying appreciation. Chart-making is my fave, and he is hilariously spot on.

12. On this week’s Selfie podcast, a great interview on the art of detachment, but not before Kristen and I take it waayyyy too far in regards to our pubic hair management. #tmi


Happy weekend!

image credit: landon metz

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