Odds and Ends

1. Do you live in a bubble? This quiz is enlightening, and I very much enjoy the parentheticals.

2. Vote. It all seriously just comes down to this.

3. Speaking of, here is an excellent voter registration action plan.

4. Yep, I pretty much relate to all of these tweets.

5. This is amazing to me. Maybe we can all learn from wolves. (Okay, this proved to be a hoax but STILL)

6. Who wants to join me on this road trip?

7. Apparently, this is the best new green foundation in the entirety of the universe. Got some on the way and will report back.

8. If you come over to my house, you can bet my cocktails will make you do this.

9. When you disapprove of young people, you’re in the wrong, because you are going to die and they will write history.

10. The bralettes from this brand are everything. (Even for the bustier types…32D over here!) Use the code LIVELYREP_SARAH to get $10 off your order.

11. On this week’s Selfie podcast, we talk about self-care in the online world and how we protect ourselves. We also talk to Kelly Beall about her own self-care rituals.


Happy Friday! Spring Break starts in a few hours for us!

image credit: verso prints 

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